Modular Home Advantage

There are several advantages to modular home building instead of an on site, stick built home. Vision Building Group has provided a few points of interest, listed below:

1. Modular home building is a fast-growing, modern form of construction gaining a growing recognition of its increased efficiency and ability to apply modern technology to the needs of the market place. Make no mistake, the process has been around for several decades and advances have been made to continue to improve the quality of construction.

2. Modular homes are built with components constructed in a controlled factory environment to the same building codes as traditional site-built housing. Building in a controlled environment eliminates weather-related issues, an unavoidable variable when building a home on site.

3. Systems built modular homes boast the primary advantages of superior quality control, reduced waste and faster completion (90 to 120 days versus six to nine months for site-built construction).

4. The increased efficiency of modular systems construction generally results in greater value for the homeowner.

5. Computerization has enabled modular systems producers to take a mass customization approach and design all models to meet a homeowners particular needs. This contrasts with the situation just a few years ago when the industry offered only a few standard models with limited options.

6. The combination of reduced cycle time, more efficient construction, unlimited customization and a growing shortage of skilled trades people are the primary reasons many builders are switching from traditional site building to modular systems.

7. Today’s modular systems housing encompasses the entire spectrum of the housing market from the affordable single family and multi-family housing to high end luxury homes.

8. Modular systems housing is growing at almost a 10% rate over the last several years.